What to find on Wereld van Yoga?

Hey dear yogi, thanks for visiting Wereld van Yoga! And sorry for all the Dutch on this website :-)

What is it that you can find on Wereld van Yoga?

The unique Dutch Yogacadeaubon® 

This is THE giftcard for yoga, meditation and mindfulness. It is a unique way to give someone a piece of rest for a birthday, Mothers Day or Christmas. With the Yogacadeaubon® your friend, colleague or mother can join classes or workshops at the yogaschool partners of Wereld van Yoga, and pay (partly) with their Yogacadeaubon®

Want to order a Yogacadeaubon®? Ask me or a Dutch friend to help you and order here.

what to find on wereld van yoga

A nice school in your neighbourhood

Do you finally know that you want to start your yoga-, meditation- or mindfulnesspractice? But still looking for a nice school? Use the Yogazoeker as a database to easily make your first selection of possible schools. On the personal page of the schools you can read about the location, yogatypes, price of a try out class, extra workshops and reviews from other yogi's.

Despite this website being in Dutch, you can contact me anytime to ask for help or more information!

Frequently asked questions

We are still working on our FAQ in English. In the meantime, the Dutch ones might be helpful to you.

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